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~ Network ~

My random lyrics archive.

Weiss Kreuz fan site. (Under construction)

My website layout archive.

A Miyata Kouki fan site and fanlisting.

My writing archive of compositions and fanfiction.

Illustrious Slumber
My personal blog.

Missing Mile
Joint art site with ACX. Consists of artwork, wallpapers, icons, and some scans.

r 0 t a t i 0 n
Mp3 rotation site. Direct downloads.

The Sweet Insanity
Shrine dedicated to Astaroth of Angel Sanctuary.
Seki Tomokazu fan site and fan listing.


~ Miscellaneous ~

Piglet's Big Shit
Warning: view at your own discretion.
Random humour. If the title offends you, don't click.



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Offsite links.

If you want to link me back.

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Things that I own, and things that I don't.


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