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Foreword: Order of copyrights and disclaimers listed are not sorted in any way (in other words, they're random).

Weiss Kreuz is copyright ©1997 Project Weiss / Koyasu Takeshito / Tsuchiya Kyoko. All modifications of characters, images, sounds, etc was all done out of love of the anime and manga. If I (we) should infringe on any copyrights, please feel free to contact and notify the page's owner (me) and I can explain.

DragonBall (DB, DBZ, DBGT) is copyright © Akira Toriyama / Bird Studio/Shueisha / TOEI Animation / FUNimation Productions / (and anything else I missed). Everything I do with the characters is completely made up from my screwed up little head. If i stepped on any copyrights, they are completely unintentional. I only want to express my enthusiasm for the anime/manga.

Angel Sanctuary is copyrighted © Kaori Yuki and etc. Love the story, characters, artwork, but don't own them.

Other animes such as Shin Seiki Evangelion, Saiyuki, Card Captor Sakura, and etc. were used. I, we, are only borrowing the pictures, characters, and story (etc) and we do not own ANY of them, except the manner that images or characters were modified. If I missed anything, do feel free to notify me.

To my past host, and current affliate, Yukie at The Jahannam Network, thank you for all the inspiration to work on my site!

Page contents of this site are copyrighted ©2001-2007 by Rady (email). Any material (images, coding, text, etc.) in this site may not be used or taken without permission, unless stated otherwise. Plagiarism and theft is NOT tolerated. If any violations were to be found, I will contact such persons and discuss the matters at hand. To avoid any problems, please just contact me if you should want to use my content. Viewing this site is also upon the viewer's own discretion. If anything should be found offensive or repulsive to anyone, may I remind you that I have a right to display anything that I decide is tasteful or appropriate. This is a personal website. If the viewer does not agree with the contents of my site, then nothing is stopping you from leaving and browsing elsewhere on the world-wide-web.

Site is created on a 1280x1024 and 32-bit resolution and is best viewed in at least a 800x600 sized console, with either 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit resolution. Fonts used are usually either Tahoma, Arial, or Verdana, sized at 10 to 11 pixels depending on the judgment of the creator.

This is a personal website, which means I do not make any profit off this site. Anime, manga, and etc. owners, please do not sue me, I only want to openly display my love for these creations. Same sentiment is applied to the actors to whom I devote fansites. If I am violating any rights or anything else, I would appreciate it if you would email me to discuss the any concerns.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy my site. Should I have left out any copyright information, I apologize for I am human. If you have any complaints and/or comments, email me at rady [at] anagura [dot] net. Please notify me if you do anything, and thank you for your consideration.


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